So, as a Momma of five girls, I’m all over the “Girl Power” mentality … or at least I used to think I was.  However, I have lately been cringing a little as various stories about girls and their “power” come my way.  It’s only a little bit of intuition, but my intuition is usually pretty spot on, so for what it’s worth, here’s my thought.

Girls are important, yes, but so are boys.   I want my girls to be proud of who they are, of who God made them to be.  But I am hesitant to promote their self esteem by constantly comparing them to boys.  I want them to take their gifts and talents and use them.  I want them to dream and try things that they are interested in, but I don’t want them to do something  just for the sake of proving to a boy that they can do it.  What is there to gain in that? I’ll tell you what, victory, yes, but a loss as well.

See here’s my thing … God created us to work together.  He is the Creator of the world, and if He wanted us to all be the same, then He would not have created male and female.  I don’t think all girls are the same, nor do I think all boys are the same.  But what I do think is that there are very dominant attributes that both genders on the whole have.  And while the world is constantly trying (maybe even without realizing it at times) to level the playing field by saying “Hey boys, anything you can do a GIRL can not only do as well, but many times better.” Wow.  I just don’t see the benefit in this.  I think we have to be careful the message we send out to our girls, and to our boys.  I like that there are things that my husband can do that I can’t.  I need him, and I am ok with that.  His strengths don’t make me feel inferior.  They teach me humility and team work.  They teach me selflessness and show me what love can truly be, and how I can be compassionate as well. I think God created an amazing world where we are designed to need one another and work together. I want my girls to have a good sense of self worth, sure!  But I don’t want them to feel that they have to “fight” to attain that.  I am all for a little healthy competition … there’s nothing that can bring out the best in us and show us how far we can soar, definitely.  But I am concerned with the daily inundation that I seem to be getting through Social Media … the constant praising of girls and their power, coupled with zero stories of young men and their successes.

Girls are pretty special to me.  I’ve got five that amaze me and teach me daily the power within a girl.  But I am also learning daily the importance of a certain man in my life.  We are allowed to be great because of his love for us, and we are all at our best when we live for each other, rather than for just ourselves.

I hope that my girls set big goals and dream big dreams, but I hope they have the confidence to be who they are without always having to tell everyone, or show everyone how great they are.  I hope their self worth comes from just doing their best, rather than having to have someone praise them for being the best.  And I hope they learn to encourage others … both girls and boys … to be the same.

If my intuition is correct, we are going to have a lot of “successful” girls out there, but a lot of lonely girls out there who won’t have anyone to share their life with because they’ve spent their whole life trying to prove they don’t need anyone but themselves.

Just a thought.