To my soldier …
thank you for making coffee for me every single morning
thank you for braving the cold to drive to get more coffee early in the morning when I’ve forgotten to pick it up the day before

thank you for walking a dog for a daughter … every night and every morning … a dog that you never wanted and for a daughter who rarely tells you thank you

thank you for asking me to look at the stars with you

thank you for letting me take a shower first every night

thank you for turning the van on for me, so it’ll be warm when I take the girls in … and thank you for also turning on my seat warmer

thank you for texting me, “Jesus loves you”

thank you for watching tv shows with me that you wouldn’t watch without me
and thank you for never complaining and even having the show set on dvd without my asking

thank you for telling me I’m smart

thank you for telling me I’m pretty

thank you for always opening the door of the van for me … and thank you for waiting patiently that Sunday it snowed, as I felt the need to snap a picture of your handsomeness waiting for me … and btw, thank you for never complaining that I am always the last one to be ready for church … thank you for just simply waiting and opening the door when I get there.

On this Valentine’s day I do want to say thank you for the dinner and trip to the art museum you planned last night … I don’t think you’ll ever know how much I really did treasure that … that even though you might think things have to be perfect for me, and while I know I can seem hard to please sometimes … ok, maybe all of the time … you totally have my heart.

I love you so much and have since I was 19.
You love me daily and I notice.  I forget sometimes at the moment to recognize, but I do notice and I always treasure the little constants up in my heart.

I know you wish you could give me more, but you have already given me enough, and you, YOU are truly more than enough.

So, thank you for loving someone as difficult as me.

Thank you for being my Valentine every day.


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