we’ve all seen the fb status updates filled with success stories of this or that child from this or that friend.

we’ve all seen how God is to be praised and thanked for such a success and for such a wonderful child.

we’ve all seen the praise “you’re such a good Momma”

but what about the child who never quite makes it into those status updates.

what about the momma of that child.

is she not a good momma?
is that child not a success story?

for all you mommas out there with the difficult children or the ones who simply haven’t found their place in this crazy world yet … rest.  hope.  trust. love.

It is the hard that brings us to our knees … the trials that draw us ever so quickly back to the cross … the struggles that keep us honest and humble and thankful for any little success, and not just for the great ones.

God has a plan.

His strength is made perfect in our and in our children’s weakness.

I am the author of many of those success stories on fb status updates.

I am also the momma to that difficult child.

I write this for you, because I need to write this for me.

I am not a perfect momma, but I am not a bad momma either.

I do not love or raise my success story children any different than I do my difficult one.  If anything I spend more time and work harder to love her than I do for the others.

But I can’t change her heart.  I can’t speed up the work that Christ is doing in her.

I can pray … for her heart and for mine.  Yes, for mine.

if you are a momma of a difficult child, I pray you are not discouraged.
It is okay.  Your child is okay.

Go give them a hug and tell them you love them.

Go tell them you are proud of them.

Pray over them and tell God thank you for allowing you to be their Momma.  Let them see your faithfulness.  Let them see where they are to find their strength.  Let them hear that you are thankful for them.  And then trust that God has got them in His hands, and that there’s no place better for them to be.